About us

As a young, dynamic company, we have been fully committed to telecommunications network construction in Switzerland since 2008. Since our foundation, we have continuously specialised in the corresponding activities and have constantly expanded our range of services. Our goal is to play an active role in the construction of the Swiss telecommunications network of the future, in order to lay the foundations for the data communications of today and tomorrow. Today, we offer all the work involved in a telecommunications network, from the preliminary study to maintenance. We distinguish ourselves above all by the combined offer in the areas of internal civil engineering, technology and engineering services and the high degree of specialisation in FTTx networks.

Since its foundation, the company has been in a continuous growth phase and currently employs around 200 specialists who work for our customers throughout Switzerland at six locations.


MultiNet Communication is the first address for integrated solutions in Swiss telecommunications systems. As a provider of top services, we are pioneers in the combined offer of engineering, network construction and technical services.

Mission statement

The work we do should always be based on our corporate culture, i.e. the lived and recognised values, standards and objectives that determine human behaviour in every activity in our company.

Corporate policy


We act the way we want to be treated ourselves. We maintain a respectful, helpful and polite contact.


We communicate in an open and honest manner. Through trust and reliability, we strive for a high level of customer satisfaction.

Economic Efficiency

Our independence guarantees the highest possible degree of freedom of decision and identification with the company. We make long-term, profit-oriented decisions to ensure the renewal of machinery, the structural renewal or expansion of business premises and profitable investments.


It is important for us to show consideration for the environment. We prevent duplications through optimal organization and work processes. We also work with regional, specialized partners whenever possible. We systematically record and assess our ecological balance sheet and try to improve it sustainably with appropriate objectives. We are also committed to comply with all binding requirements.


By offering a comprehensive range of products and services from our own company and by promoting the independence and professional competence of our employees, we strive for short decision-making processes and the necessary flexibility in the provision of our services.

Social issues

The human being is the focus of our attention. As a service company, we know how important our employees are. We provide them with maximum support in achieving their goals and offer them a pleasant, varied working environment. Despite our size, we want to maintain and promote a family atmosphere.


We deliver the agreed quality at a good price/performance ratio. We strive for customer-oriented and durable work and are committed to a continuous improvement process.

Occupational safety

The health and well-being of our employees are important to us. That is why we attach great importance to the prevention of accidents and illnesses. Employers and employees ensure compliance with and implementation of occupational health and safety regulations. The right to participation is guaranteed at all levels.

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MultiNet Communication is the first address for integrated solutions in Swiss telecommunications systems.